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Bookish Academy Award Tag

Hello There!
I have become really conscious about the fact that all my posts so far have been about hauls or me reviewing books and needed to jazz it up a little. Bookish Academy Awards is a tag I found on Youtube and it seems quite fun so here goes!

Best Male Protagonist goes to...
Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series
I think this is pretty self explanatory but I chose Harry Potter because he is a strong, determined character who turns from this quiet, lonely boy who lived under his uncle's staircase to this brilliantly loud and quick-witted guy who was brave enough to fight against Lord he-who-must-not-be-named. Harry, I salute you!

Best Female Protagonist goes to...
 Rose from the Vampire Academy series!
I cannot stop raving about Vampire Academy and Rose! Even in horrible circumstances Rose is able to think logically and isn't afraid to give her own viewpoint of certain subjects. She is blunt and has a dry humour and I cannot love her enough for it! I just hope this^ actress will be able to do her justice but, by the looks of the trailer, that isn't going to happen.

Best Plot Twist goes to...
A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin
A Game of Thrones is a breeding ground for plot twists, when you think its finally over and you can sit bac in your chair, there is yet another surprise and its even bigger than the last. There was one plot twist in this book that just made me want to cry in a bittersweet way. I shan't say anything more or else I will give it away but yes, that plot twist was just...gah.

Best Book Cover goes to...

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini!
People who know me know that I absolutely adore dragons, so much so I really want to get a dragon tattoo! Thanks to my all time favourite childhood book, Dragon Slippers, I have become obsessed with anything and everything to do with dragons so when I saw this book cover, I was in heaven. The beautiful dark green background with a chalky like texture and the golden title written in a really nice font was good enough, and then there was the dragon. I just...I cannot explain the love I feel for this book cover and I shan't bore you any longer with my fangirlness.


Legend of Kings by Celia Friedman
I think the cover says it all for itself to be honest. Isn't it just beautiful? I love the gloomy purple background, the use of a staff (sp?) and the elemental uses in the cover. Its simple but gorgeous and I love it!

Best Supporting Female Character goes to...

Pearl from My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson!
I was wary about putting this one up because the author, Jacqueline Wilson, isn't well known across the world but in the UK, she is hu-uge. Most teenagers will boast about how the only books they have read are by her and it was a little trend across the UK to have as many Wilson books as possible! This one, out of all her books (other than Candy Floss) is my absolute favourite. I adore the character Pearl who's story it is written from but isn't actually the main character. Pearl, who is quiet and shy tells her story about her older sister Jodie who is a rebel and a flirt and her ambition to be like her. Wilson's wit and years of writing produced such a good book and the book was only so good because it was written by Pearl's POV.

Best Supporting Male Character goes to...

Bran Stark in The Song Of Fire And Ice series (Game of Thrones)
This category was pretty easy for me to pick for because I've always loved the character Bran. Whether that be on the tv show or in the book, I just adore his enthusiasm and quick wit. A ten year old being able to get over that he is handicapped and be clever enough to plot a plan to escape from a certain somebody's men?! Gah, I have such adoration for this character. Plus, his adorable!

Best Creative Plot goes to...

A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin
People die, get together (if you know what I mean *wink wink*) and plots for revenge and to take over the throne are made to say the least. This book made me cry and laugh and sometimes, all at the same time. If it wasn't for Martin's amazing writing style I don't think I would have been able to cope and read on.

Best Movie to Film adaptation goes to...

Narnia by C.S Lewis
I've watched a lot of booktubers mention Hunger Games and Harry Potter which is frustrating because I think Narnia is one of the most well done book-to-film adaptation ever. It follows the story word for word just like in the book and the characters are exactly how I would picture them. If I had read the book before I watched the film, I wouldn't have thought it possible for something so detailed and fantasy based to be made into a film but it's been done. Thankfully. I cannot wait for the next film, The Silver Chair to come out but that may be in a few years now thanks to stuff like legal purposes *queue eye roll*

Book Which Would Make A Best Animated Film goes to...

 How to Handle Your Dad/ How to Handle Your Mum by Roy Apps

I was lucky to have brought the book which was double sided; I got the mum's side on one and dad's side on back. When I tried to Google it I couldn't find one that had both covers grrr. Anyways, I chose this book because its a very funny book which everyone can relate to. The book covers also animated so you can already tell that the book would make a great animated film. 

Best New Author You Have Discovered goes to...

Ilsa J Bick!
Ilsa Bick is still quite an unknown author but as soon as someone says "Ashes", they instantly know what you're on about. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever been able to get me into zombies. So many of my friends are obsessed with them especially because of World War Z but I still have not been able to get on that bandwagon and I most likely won't for the whole of my life. They're just grreny-grey-y dumb humans who are dead...wahay, can definitely see the appeal there (!) but, Ashes is about zombies! I unintentionally read a zombie book and didn't realise it until the end and I didn't regret it at all and that's due to Ilsa's writing. I have also read White Space which I also thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait for more from Bick!

Best action goes to...

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
VA's main character, Rose, is a guardian for Moroi's and fights against the evil Strigoi's so there is bound to be some action in it! Include a badass teacher by the name of Dimitri and kidnappings of fellow students, there is literally non stop fighting and sassiness!

Best Soundtrack From A Book-To-Film adaptation goes book. Gah, I don't really listen to soundtracks on films.
Best Novella (short story) goes book in particular. I don't own any short stories unfortunately.
Best Standalone goes to...well this is embarrassing. Again, I don't own a lot of standalones and the few that I have, I don't think deserve an award.

Best Non-fiction goes to...

Anne Frank
This is the only form of non-fiction that I own (or used to thanks to my sister borrowing it and losing it) and I absolutely adore it. A lot of people dislike Anne because she was selfish and rude but that's the reason I loved her, she was human. I have read this so many times and cried so many times due to it and trust me, I am not a crier but this book just...gah. Stuff like the camps and Nazi Germany doesn't seem real until you have read a diary like this from that time. Just...*curls in a ball and cries*

So thats about it! Woo! That took me bloody ages to complete! Do you guys agree with my chosen winners or would you guys have picked differently?

Annie x

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