Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day Haul

Hello There!
So it was World Book Day yesterday in the UK and I obviously took  that chance and went shopping for books. I was soooo disappointed however when I found out that Waterstone's did not have a sale on. Oh okay, they can have a sale every other day of the year but the one day it should count they do not??? What stingy cows! I was definitely not impressed. But, that definitely did not stop me into divulging myself and buying beautiful books. And no, I have no regrets.

I brought:
So there you have it! I am absolutely psyched about reading these books as all of them has been on my wishlist for so flipping long! 

Did you guys buy anything for World Book Day? Have you guys read any of these books? Gah, I'm so excited to read these books!

Annie x

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