Friday, 3 January 2014

Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis (ARC)

Hello There!
It has been a while since I posted a blog post but I have a good enough reason to why as I had a wedding to go to and it takes a couple of days to prep for a wedding as you all may know, especially an Asian wedding. That aside, a couple of days beforehand I forced myself to read a couple of books so that I had something to write for for the next couple of days. Knowing Jack by Rachel is one of them.

I am not a slut, although I’ve been called one often enough. Yeah, I spent three months screwing one of my college professors, but I was crazy about the guy. Then he broke up with me.

I am not a bitch, although people like to say I am. I kept our relationship secret. I’m not responsible for telling the university administrators about it, but a lot of students still blame me for getting their favorite professor fired.

I am not a drama queen, although everyone thinks I am now. When I got a few nasty messages, I just deleted them. When I got the threat, I assumed it was someone being stupid. I still think that’s all it was. My parents worry, though, so they hired me a bodyguard. Now Jack follows me around, intimidating everyone who approaches me and looking obnoxiously hot.

This is what I am. I’m Chloe. I’m a twenty-year-old art history major. Kind of shy, although I pretend not to be. Stubborn enough to stay here for my senior year, even though everyone hates me.
And I’m stuck with Jack.

He calls me “Princess,” but I’m not a princess either

Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis is a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and it has been a while since I have really liked a book. The blurb was a shocker for me, a person who was adamant in proving that she isn't a slut yet slept with her teacher? I myself started presuming and thinking she is a slut like any normal human being - or so I hope. This book actually made me think about the way I stereotype and see people. If I knew someone like her, I say I wouldn't have been mean to her, but lets face it, I would have atleast stayed away from her.

 This book kind of gives us an account of the "villains" POV, sleeping with your teacher is scandalous and as human beings, we tend to stay away from scandal. As I read the book I started to feel sorry for the main character. Yes, she slept with her teacher but then you see that she is only a normal human being who liked a guy who just so happened to be her teacher. She was just doing the normal thing of sleeping with her "boyfriend" but, again, he just so happened to be her teacher.

I also find out that she has a body guard who seems to have the hots for her and its there that I had to let out a sigh of disappointment. Ofcourse this guy was hot and ofcourse this guy liked her and ofcourse he wanted a serious relationship. I felt the story had too much of a happy ending to make it one of those books I would read over and over again. I longed for something to go wrong and for me to invest myself so much into this story that I couldn't put it down. However, the ending made me hopeful for just that. I loved the writer's writing style and shall look out for the sequel.

One thing that I disliked was the smut but I was warned pre-hand about it. I just didn't feel this book needed it, you can tell that her and her bodyguard had a lot of...chemistry.


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