Saturday, 23 November 2013

When All Hope Was Lost

Hello There!

As the Skills Show was on in Birmingham at the NEC, a close friend and I decided to go and check it out (with my sister). If you're questioning whether or not the Skills show was good, well then stop questioning it because in all honestly it was a load of bull s***. The volunteers took the whole thing as a joke and even led my friend and I in the opposite direction of the bus stop which we needed to go to "as a joke." If you have ever been to the NEC you would know how big it is and may also cringe at the thought of us being in the opposite direction to our destination and having to walk all the way back to get to it. Our legs were aching by the end of it and we immediately regretted coming to the Skills show. The Skills show in general was rubbish aswell as I didn't find anything helpful and the people to be really unfriendly.

If THAT wasn't bad enough, we had to spend six pounds on buses because the bus we were on on the way back had a baby also on it who thought it was the right time to vomit all over the bus floor. Now I get that babies don't understand basically anything and may not have meant it, but when you had already gone through what we had, a baby vomiting on a bus is seriously annoying.

Then, we got to town or "city centre" or even "mall" to some of you guys, as we wanted to have something to eat. But, as my sister and I realised, we did not have enough money to buy decent food so we had to walk all over town to find something to eat that would keep our rumbling bellies at bay.

We finally, however, did find a place where they sold food for a pound but when we bit into it we realised it was a massive mistake. In the end we had to throw it away it was that vile.

Oh, that wasn't all.

When we had finally arrived to the closest bus stop to our house, it was getting dark so my friend asked if my dad could drop her off. My dad obviously agreed and said he would wait for us at the corner shop near our house. Now the road between us at that moment and the corner shop was really long so I decided it was a brilliant idea to run. And yes, I fell over. Hard. My jeans ripped and instead of my friend and sister helping me out, they instantly fell over crying in laughter.

But amidst all that choas and sheer bad luck, I came across a beauty. A book shop beauty that is. I have gone into town a hundred times and never noticed it and I definitely regret it. Its like that scene off Harry Potter when a house suddenly emerges between two other houses and nobody noticed it. I had never ever noticed that shop and as I said before, I regret it.

I am going to let the pictures speak for itself:

It was basically heaven. All sorts of books were available at this second hand shop but it was mostly sci-fi and fantasy; my favourites. I used to always see these types of bookshops on pinterest and wished that there was one near me, well luckily for me, there is one. The man who owns the shop was really nice too, we had a full on rant about Game of Thrones - it was brilliant. Unlike most employees at Waterstones, he had real passion for books and knew what he was talking about. In this small amount of space, there was atleast several hundred books and comics. And guess what guys - the comics were only 20p. TWENTY FLIPPING PENCE. Oh and if you're thinking they must have been really crap comics think again, there were The Avengers and X-Men comics available too. Hell yeah.

So I guess all the trouble I got on that fine day was worth it as I stumbled across this beautiful bookstore but I definitely shall not to to the Skills show ever again.

Annie x

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